About Me

I’m a 25+ year veteran with broad and deep experience in creative, strategy and account leadership. The twists and turns in my career path have taken me around the globe to shoot, attend/speak at conferences, graduate from an amazing business school and, most importantly, add to the rich fabric of my network. I’m truly grateful and can’t wait for my next challenge to make an impact for good.

Me, As A Human

First person in my family to go to college. I love animals to the point of weird. I’m insatiably curious about anything. I played on a traveling ultimate Frisbee team

  • Survived 8 hours of brain surgery
  • I tried out for Shark Tank
  • I ran a marathon at 50
  • My daughter is the most important thing in my life
  • My sweet tooth cannot be satisfied
  • I gave the commencement speech for my Harvard Business School class
  • I’m horrible at math
  • I have two dogs named Chicken and Waffles and a parrot named James Brown.

Stand Up Comedy

Harvard Commencement Speech